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Game On Instructions
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Instructions on Earning Points
Step by Step Instructions on how to earn points in Game On!

Earning points is easy, but you want to make sure you are doing it right so that you get all the credit you deserve!

Login to Website
Logging into the Website is Worth 10 Points.

Enter your user name and password into the website and you'll get an easy 10 points. Points are limited to one login per day. Remember to earn ANY points, you must be logged into the site.

Step One: Click on Sign In and enter your user name and password.


How to Add a Social Network for Game On
Adding a Social Network is worth 10 Points.

You can list your social network accounts in your profile like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Members may access those social networks and connect with you per your settings via each network you list. For example, they would still have to send you a Friend Request through FaceBook.

Step One: Sign In and go to Member Profile - See above

Step Two: Go to Messages under My Profile Menu box


Step Three: Select Network from drop down menu

Step Four: Add URL

Step Five: Add to Profile

Open AALA Email

Opening and reading AALA email is worth 10 points!

Email from AALA will have "AALA" as the sender. Email from ALA, an AALA member and/or the AALA listserv do not qualify.

Step One: Just open the email. To earn more points, click on Read More and comment on Article. See below for more information.


Connect with Other AALA Members
Connecting with an AALA Member is worth 15 points!

You can connect with AALA Members and Business Partners and message them through the website. You can categorize them and keep up with people who you meet at meetings, are in your building, have similar responsibilities, etc.

Step One: Sign into website and click in Search Field.


Step Two: Enter name or company name

Step Three: Select name or company name in results that is in the directory category.


Step Four:  Click on Connect.


Step Five: Check your connections. Go to My Profile and select Connections.

 Step Six: Review your "My Connections," accept any "Received" requests and follow up with any "Sent" requests.


Read & Comment on Articles
Commenting on Articles is worth 25 points!

AALA posts articles on multiple items: New members announcements, member updates, meeting recaps, educational articles and more. Stay informed by reading these articles and add your thoughts and comments to earn points.

Step One: Sign into website and scroll to Latest News towards bottom of Home Page


Step Two: Click on (# Comments) and add comments in the text box.


Attend an AALA Event
Attending an AALA Event is Worth 50 Points!

AALA events are key benefits of your AALA membership. All events are included in your dues and offer educational and networking opportunities. And, attending events also gets you points. Remember, you MUST be logged into the site when you register to receive your points, and you must attend

Step One: Login to website and go to Calendar towards bottom of page

Step Two: Click on Register link and follow registration instructions.

Step Three: Make sure you are logged into site. Points will not be tracked if someone else registers you or you do not register while logged in.

Step Four: Attend Event.


Attend E2E on August 17th.
Attending E2E is Worth 50 Bonus Points!

E2E: Where Education Meets Expertise is brand new to AALA! It is a combination of the traditional Half Day Symposium and the Business Partner Expo. This year's E2E will feature education in all areas of legal management and will showcase our Business Partners in the Legal Marketplace.

Step One: Login to website and go to Calendar.

Step Two: Select E2E from events list.

Step Three: Register for E2E.

Step Four: Attend E2E. These bonus points will be tracked separately and will not increase the number of points you will see on your profile.


Refer a Potential Member or Business Partner to Join
Referring a Member or Business Partner Who Joins is Worth 100 Points!

Most of us know someone in legal management that would benefit from AALA membership. Or,  you do business with a vendor that might be perfect for other AALA members. Refer a potential member or business partner and if they join you get the points.

Step One: Login to website and go to My Profile

Step Two: Select Refer a Friend


Step Two: Enter the email address and personal message to the person you wish to refer. Or, copy the Referral Direct Link into your own email program and send directly.

Step Three: Send Email. If the referral joins, you will receive the Points.

Track Your Score
Points Are Tracked Via the Website

Points will tracked in four levels by "badges." These are displayed via your Member Profile. The four Badge Levels are:

  • In the Game: 10 Points+
  • Getting Active: 50 Points+
  • Active: 100 Points+
  • Gamer: 250 Points+

Step One: Login to website and go to My Profile.

Step Two: Check your badge.


Step Three: You will also see a tracker bar when logged into the website on all myAALA pages.


Leader Boards will also be posted quarterly so you know where you stand in comparison to other AALA members.

Game On!



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